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Roller’s Ugly Permalinks

I'm using Roller 1.2 for this blog at the moment. Roller 2.0 is out, but I'm in the middle of a beta-testing a new product so I'm not going to risk upgrading for a few weeks yet, in case I … Continue reading

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Apologies to Subscribers

Hi. You may have noticed that all my posts have replicated themselves. I changed the permalink code to a nicer format, forgetting that this would mess up all the feeds. Sorry about that.

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Rant: The Evils of Indentation (FREE STUFF If You Prove Me Wrong!)

Do you indent your code for good or evil? Of all the horrors that afflict the pilgrim programmer, evil indentation is the most horrific. The horrifying lack thereof, the horrifying use of tabs, the horrifying concoction of tabs and spaces, … Continue reading

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Interview for Entrepreneur Focus Book

I just got my copy of Entrepreneur Focus, a new book on starting-up companies by Eric Locken. He asked me to do an interview for the book about my experiences starting Ricebridge, so with an ego the size of a … Continue reading

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Friday Fun: Make Life!

It will kill your CPU, but here's the classic Game of Life, … in JavaScript! It is possible, Your Honour!

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Emacs Autocomplete Bliss

You known that IntelliSense rots your brain, right? Well if you use Emacs, now you too can rot your brain, only better (everything is always better with Emacs). This is the most treasured snippet from my .emacs file. All it … Continue reading

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