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Back To The Typing

I'm trying out all the free typing lessons on the web in the vain hope that something will stick and I'll eventually be able to touch-type. Here’s all the typing posts, including site reviews, if you're interested. I've moved on … Continue reading

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Be the Best Available

There are only two (profitable) markets. The cheapest available and the best available. Play the middle ground and you play to lose. Seth hits the mark again. Imagine how much it would have been to hire this guy before blogs? … Continue reading

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Further Versioning Contortions

Yesterday I had a plan to use reflection to solve the compatibility versioning problem with my software components. Basically I need to change an interface that existing customers have implemented. And I want to maintain compatibility so that no-one has … Continue reading

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More On Versioning

Brian Smith made some good points on my last post about software component versioning. They're too detailed to reply to in a comment so I'm posting a reply as a full entry. You'll probably need to read that last post … Continue reading

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