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Why you should be using a REPL all the way to production

Let’s talk about one of the most productive tools a coder can use: the REPL! The first half of this article gives you a short introduction to the subject if you’re not a coder. If you are a coder, skip … Continue reading

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@seneca/repl Version 6 Released!

I’ve released a substantial update to the @seneca/repl plugin! The @seneca/repl plugin provides a REPL for the Seneca microservices framework. As one of the earliest plugins, it has proven to be incredibly useful. A REPL (Read-Execute-Print-Loop) offers an interactive space to write code and execute it … Continue reading

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The Tao of Microservices

My book on the microservice architecture is in early release! This book is based on five years of building microservice systems, of all shapes and sizes. It is a comprehensive guide to using the architecture based on practical experience. I’ve … Continue reading

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Seneca, A Microservices framework for Node.js

The release of Seneca 1.0 represents 5 years of open source evolution, and not a little blood, sweat and tears. The thing I am most happy about is the fact that I did not do the release – Wyatt had … Continue reading

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Monolithic Node.js

Are large-scale Node.js systems possible? Empirically, the answer is yes. Walmart and Paypal have both shown that it can be done. The quick criticism is that you need 10X engineers. This a classic, and well-founded criticism. New ways of doing … Continue reading

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Why I Have Given Up on Coding Standards

Every developer knows you should have a one, exact, coding standard in your company. Every developer also knows you have to fight to get your rules into the company standard. Every developer secretly despairs when starting a new job, afraid … Continue reading

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The JavaScript Disruption

The mainstream programming language for the next ten years will be JavaScript. Once considered a toy language useful only for checking form fields on web pages, JavaScript will come to dominate software development. Why this language and why now? What … Continue reading

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The Six Key Mobile App Metrics you Need to be Tracking.

Mobile applications are web sites, and traditional web analytics are not appropriate for mobile applications. What you need is insight that will make your app more effective. You will not find this insight by tracking downloads and installs, phone platforms … Continue reading

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Debug PhoneGap Mobile Apps Five Times Faster

PhoneGap is a fantastic open source project. It lets you build native mobile apps for iPhone, Android and others using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It’s a real pleasure to work with. It makes developing mobile apps a lot faster. … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Alchemy and Chemistry

Paris. It is the 8th of May, 1794. Antoine Lavoisier, a partner in the despised Ferme général, stands before the guillotine. As a senior partner of the Ferme général, a tax collection agency for Louis XVI, Lavoisier is one of … Continue reading

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