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Spark Lines Without the Spark

Sparklines are one of those great ideas that you just know is “right” the moment you see it. Edward Tufte invented them, and let me tell you, he knows his stuff. Here's an example: . Want to make some yourself? … Continue reading

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Rant: The Evils of Indentation (FREE STUFF If You Prove Me Wrong!)

Do you indent your code for good or evil? Of all the horrors that afflict the pilgrim programmer, evil indentation is the most horrific. The horrifying lack thereof, the horrifying use of tabs, the horrifying concoction of tabs and spaces, … Continue reading

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Intelligent Design: Herring Farts!

Oi! Kansas! You know who's having the biggest laugh at you? The Big Man himself. Hey didn't you guys try to redefine PI at one stage as well?

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