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Versioning Cistern

My versioning system is broken. It's painful and I'm not entirely sure what to do about it. Time for a blog entry so! Previously I wrote about my vision for the Ricebridge Versioning System. All Ricebridge components have three version … Continue reading

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Make $97 With One Blog Post

If Jonathan can give away free servers, then I can give away free licenses! I've been inspired by Sun's T2000 promotion to try something like it myself. Here's the deal. You blog about one of our products, after trying the … Continue reading

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Rant: Maven Muppetry

Hani was right. Maven really is a pain in the arse. I have just managed to install the cobertura plugin. Not by following the instructions mind. On no. The install instructions are to run the following command: maven plugin:download -Dmaven.repo.remote= … Continue reading

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CSV Manager 1.1.10 Released

This is a bug fix release for bug report 0012: the TableModelLineListener object was dropping the first row of data when the headers setting was true. If you are using Swing TableModels please check if this bug affects you. As … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Not To Use Commission Junction

Ooh, a blog list! So commission junction (no capitals for you, ya messers!) are off my site. Here's why: 10. When they deactivate your account, they don't send you any email to let you know about it. The first time … Continue reading

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Friday Fun: Fancy an Island?

Feeling a little despotic? Need to impose your vision on the world? Look no further than … a private island! Sure Charlie did it. So can you!

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