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Typing Update

I haven't given up on the tragic typing. Still plugging away on Very good Richard! You have made only 1 error (0.42%). You can proceed to lesson 9. Seconds: 112 Keystrokes Per Minute (KPM): 127.50 Perhaps not the greatest … Continue reading

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Competition: Free Java Components!

Competition time! Just to make life interesting I'm starting a series of weekly competitions to win a free XML Manager or CSV Manager license. All you have to do is come up with some simple XPath expressions. As this is … Continue reading

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Business Training Wheels

The New York Java Consultant (Solomon Duskis) notes that we seem to be starting businesses pretty young in Ireland. That's quite ironic since all the “I sold stuff as a kid before I made my millions” stories that I've ever … Continue reading

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Friday Fun: Waterfall 2006

Time to get with the agile backlash. Tell your super-flexible velocity-driven project manager where to stick it. (Thanks to Sean McGrath for this one).

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The Boyle-Walton Science Museum

It's about time we got a science museum in Waterford, considering that the county has produced two of the giants of modern science: Robert Boyle: “The Father of Chemistry”, and Ernest Walton: Nobel prize for splitting the atom. So if … Continue reading

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User Manager: Some Design Ideas

I promised to make the development of the next Ricebridge product, User Manager, more transparent. So here goes… User Manager is already in production. It's a fine-grained user access and permissions system. It handles arbitrary permissions for arbitrary business objects … Continue reading

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Friday Fun: Daddy Won’t Fund My Company!

Venture capitalism starts young: bootstrapping for kids. Great story. (Need some rad skate stuff? Check out Ollie King.)

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Thanks James!

Thanks James! I'm not sure that I'd be in the same league as some on that list, but I'd like to think I'm getting there! I started reading James Corbett's Eirepreneur blog way back when, before I even had a … Continue reading

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