Rant: Functions Deserve Brackets Dammit!

I know brackets are parentheses, but bear with me, we're on the other side of the pond here.

So what is the story with the

functionName (param1, param2, ...)

style? Darlings, you are disassociating context!

Huh? Well look, one of the basics of design, of style, is put things in context. To put those things that are associated with one another, together. That way the eye places them together for the brain, aiding understanding and bringing clarity to the mind.

In languages of the C heritage, you often have variables standing alone:

int    count = 0;
String foo   = "bar";

A name standing by itself is a visual clue that what you are dealing with is a variable.

What about methods? Where's the visual clue? It's the brackets! A name attached to brackets is a method name. It goes into the cerebral cortex straight through the eyes when you scan the code, short circuiting the hard, “thinking” part of understanding code.

functionName( param1, param2, ... )

puts it all in perspective.

People complain about code being hard to read. Well schucks, you're making it hard for yourself! Get with the program and starting applying the principles of visual design to your code.

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