Business Ideas

Business ideas are worthless. Trouble is, when you get one, you can never believe otherwise. They usually strike around bedtime, and before you know it, you've designed a full-scale enterprise architecture to support the concept by 1AM, prepared an initial marketing plan by 2AM, and by 3AM you're wondering about how to structure refunds.

Great. Any idea can work, you just have to execute. I had this idea while back that you could sell “words”. You'd have some sort of attention-getting site, and then punters could buy the right to be linked from a certain word. Yeah, I know, RealNames and all that. Still, this would be a “Web 2.0” web service thing with an API and so forth. Great.

In the cold light of day you end up discarding most of these brainwaves. Still, you wonder, maybe some of them could work.

So I was delighted to come across AllYourWords. A deadringer! I jumped in and bought some words right away, just to say thanks for going with the idea. So it would have worked!

Business ideas are worthless because if it's just occured to you, somebody else has probably already implemented it (If that breaks your heart, just remember, Google wasn't the first search engine).

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