Textile Trauma

So this post is part of my continuing series on hacking Roller.

I use the textile plugin when typing up most entries as it saves on the amount of typing you have to do. If I'm going to write up pure HTML I'll do that in Emacs thanks very much.

But the textile formatter has a really annoying bug – it messes up apostrophes! They end up the wrong way round, rather just the normal old ASCII character, which is what I want. So into the source we go. The textile formatter source is available from sourceforge.

It turns out that it's all done with regular expressions, so I just disabled the relevant ones in the Textile.java file, and jarred up a patched version.

With my local JDK 1.5 compiler. And tried to run it on the server (JDK 1.4). Oh Joy. Website down. Remember to use the source and target options when you try this at home. Tomcat is such a pain to restart. Actually I wrote a neat little Tomcat restart script, expecially designed for data-center staff with no patience. I must post it sometime.

Anyway, if the apostrophes in this post are still wrong, I will cry.

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