Data Center Minutes

Here's one for all you MBAs out there. I'm trying to work out the cost of a data center minute. Huh? What's that?

OK. Imagine you have a mid-range web server in a data center. You pay an annual fee, maybe some more for bandwidth, and maybe even more for tech support. I am talking about dedicated hosting by the way, so maybe you bought the server, or you leased it. Anyway, each minute of uptime is something that you pay for. So how much does it cost? For any given server, you can work this out, but I want to get an “average” figure. What is the market price for a data center minute right now?

This sort of setup seems to be about $200-$400 a month based on some googling. Which works out as $0.005-$0.01 a minute. Does that sound right?

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