Stay Negative and Succeed

When I started my business I never used to hear “no”. Now I hear “no” all the time, and I’m much happier.

As you get deeper into running your own business you change. You start to understand the business advice you read and discarded as mere platitudes. It’s not an easy transition and it’s not something you can “learn”. It’s something that happens to you. That’s where I am with “no”.

If you’re not getting told to go away, if you’re not being told you’re not interesting, if you’re not being told you’re too small, you are doing something wrong. How can you expect to grow your business when you’re not doing anything that can generate a “no”? The only “no” in that case is the “no” of “no opportunity”.

Business is all about creating something from nothing. You have to explore all the avenues. If you’re just trying stuff that you think will work, you’re not doing enough. The biggest breaks come from stupid stuff. If most of life is just turning up, then most of business is just asking. The worst anybody can say to you is “no”. Get over it.

Value your “nos”. Take care of them. Count them. Each “no” is another attempt at success. You only need one “yes”.

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