Woohoo! JARS TOP 5% Rating!

CSV Manager, our Java CSV file component, has just got a JARS TOP 5% rating!

Previously we had a TOP 25% rating, but now we've been moved up! Here is the mail I got this morning:

Resource Name  : CSV Manager
Developer ID   : RR22
Resource  ID   : RR22-1

Presentation : 400
Function     : 300
Originality  : 250
Total        : 950 (out of a possible 1000.)

JARS - The Java Applet Rating Service 
- http://jars.developer.com/

Not bad. The presentation score is really great. We put a ton of work into our documentation (there's loads of it for a start). We really are pretty obsessive when it comes to good documentation. It's the one thing that lets great components down. Document or die. That's the way it is.

Right. Next job: a TOP 5% Rating for XML Manager. Here we go…

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