CSV Manager 1.1.9 Released

I've just put up a new release of CSV Manager, my CSV file parsing Java component. This release adds the ability to handle comments in CSV files.

I should explain how the Ricebridge versioning system works. It's pretty standard in fact. The first number is the major version. All releases with the same major version are forwards and backwards compatible with each other. And when you buy into a major version, you get all releases in that version. I don't believe in making customers constantly pay for upgrades. A major version bump occurs when there is a really big change in functionality.

The second number is the minor version. This indicates a release series with a stable feature set. No major structural changes occur within a minor version. The minor version is bumped whenever there is a reasonable increase in functionality. Compatibility with earlier minor versions is retained.

The third number is the build number within the minor release. This is incremented each time there is a bug-fix release. It is also sometimes used for small features, such as, oh…, comment support, say. All bugs, by the way, are documented. You know exactly what you're getting when you buy a Ricebridge component.

The only thing I haven't got quite sorted just yet is a proper change log for the components. But hey, it's on the to-do list!

So now you know how I work. Just to repeat, if you buy the 1.1 version of any of our products, you'll get all the versions up to 1.9 (or 1.whatever we get to), as free upgrades.

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