CodeGenClipse Released!

Jostraca now has an Eclipse plugin: CodeGenClipse! (Jostraca is a code-generator, in case you're interested.)

Open source is great. The plugin is all thanks to Morten Christensen. And he found a load of bugs in Jostraca while he was writing it, so they're all fixed now.

And that's not all folks. CodeGenClipse is not just Jostraca specific. It's a general plugin framework for code-generation. So look out for some more cool stuff from Morten in the future.

This post probably sounds a little over-excited. Sorry about that. It's just cool when open-source works out. It really is a great way to get things done. Of course, I still think there's a place for commercial stuff, but especially when it comes to developer tools, you can't beat a shared solution.

And for all you Jostraca fans out there, the long wait is nearly over — 0.4.1 is oh–so nearly, nearly ready… (and will be announced right here on this blog of course)

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