Make $97 With One Blog Post

If Jonathan can give away free servers, then I can give away free licenses! I've been inspired by Sun's T2000 promotion to try something like it myself.

Here's the deal. You blog about one of our products, after trying the trial version out, and you get a free single-developer license.

You can write whatever you like. Tear us to shreds or sing our praises. It's all good. We just want links :)

Well, you should make sure that your audience is OK with doing something like this. Full disclosure is a good idea. So don't do anything you're not comfortable with.

Before you start writing, here's the full details of the blog promotion.

Our products are data-munging widgets for Java: CSV Manager (for CSV files, surprisingly), and XML Manager (for XML files, again, a surprise there). The single dev licenses are worth $47 and $97 dollars respectively.

Oh, and the $15 gift cert you get for every bug found, that's still valid. So you might even end up with something nice from Think Geek.

No idea when I'll end this promotion, so don't hang around if you want one, get writing!

And no, I won't apologise for the blatantly linkbaiting title! :)

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