Level 3!

Well you might have thought that I had given up on the touch typing. I've been trying to learn to touch-type for the last two years. It's all going tragically slowly. But, I can tell you that I am in fact touch-typing this very blog post — my first touch-typed blog post ever!

I'm not really there yet — my touch-typing is still slower than my “natural” typing. But I have, finally, cracked the notorious level three on the learn2type.com site. If you've read my previous post about learn2type, you'll remember that level three is this dreadfully unbalanced drill that goes straight into all the punctuation straight from the home row keys. It's a real killer for your enthusiasm. You have to be pretty dedicated to beat it. It took me over a year. While the learn2type site is pretty OK so far as learning to type goes, it does have some serious flaws. And I have not seen any updates in over a year. Still, I would recommend it overall &mdash the performance graphs in particular are very cool, providing good feedback on your progress.

My meta-strategy for learning to touch-type remains the same as before — try all the online tutoring sites one at a time until I have good speed and accuracy. Stay tuned…

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