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I've been doing this online typing course, and it's been going pretty well. It's not the flashiest of sites, but it gets the job done. I would prefer more coaching, tips and advice.

So today I got to the end of the “basic” course. And what was waiting for me? The Advanced course, only $29! Hmmm. OK. Well fair enough it is a good course. So I am pretty sure I will sign up for the next stage.

I like this little business model. Particularly as all the computation takes place client side (the course uses JavaScript). But I do think they could have been more up-front about the need to pay for the full course.

In fact, I have some marketing advice for, if they'll allow me. Guys, there are a bunch of online typing courses out there. They're probably all following the same basic business model. So use the fact that your course is actually commercial and not free to your advantage. I just picked your course at random. If you had sold it to me as a basic course for free, and an advanced course for a fee, with an emphasis on course quality, you would have had a great differentiator. I want to learn to touch-type and I don't want to waste time on crappy courses that teach me bad habits. A commercial course gives me much more confidence that I've made the right decision. Oh, and you can raise your prices. At least $50 and the advanced course is still worth it. I'll easily reward myself that much for having made it to the end of the basic course.

Why not go for it? You have a little gem here.

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