Pricing Changes for the Next Release of CSV Manager

We're just putting the finishing touches on the next release of CSV Manager.

It's been a bit of a long haul this one. I decided to alter the naming convention for our CSV loading and saving methods, so that they would be easier to learn. Instead of having loads of methods for each type of data source (File, InputStream, etc), I refactored the API so that the load and save methods take an Object as the data source, and work out for themselves what to do with it. Much easier! Except that it meant rewriting lots of documentation…

I've also decided to add a six-month email support package into every purchase. We were supporting all customers anyway, so let's make it official. This package is worth $1500 by the way. Nice!

And because CSV Manager and XML Manager are really designed to work together, you now get a FREE single-developer license of XML Manager with every CSV Manager purchase. If you'd like to know more about how these two products can be integrated, read our XML to CSV and back again article.

But we are going to put our prices up. There's no way round that one. The price change mostly covers the six-month email support package. We're not a fire-and-forget company. If you use our stuff, we do want to help you get it working for your project. So this seems a better match with what people need. But yes, prices have gone up. Sorry guys! :)

There is some good news. If you're an independent contractor (and we'll have a pretty loose definition of this), and you mention us on your blog, then you can claim a 50% discount on ALL our products. And if you don't have a blog, we'll work something out. This will be a trust thing, so don't be shy – just ask!

And if you've been surfing round our site in the last two months and you think you should get the old prices, well, we agree. Just send us a mail explaining the situation and we'll sort you out. This should help ease the pain a bit. Only valid for 2006, etc., etc.

So what are the new prices? We'll be launching very soon, so you'll find out this week… stay tuned!

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