CSV Manager 1.2.1 Released!

This is a new release of Ricebridge CSV Manager. New features
include support for Java Beans, a pull/push streaming API for loading and saving CSV, and a simplified set of load and
save methods. The example code has been expanded and now includes line-by-line explanations. It's all detailed on the
What's New page

We're also introducing a new pricing scheme. A free single developer XML Manager license (worth $170) is included FREE with
every CSV Manager license. PLUS, we include a free SIX MONTH email support package (worth $1500) with each purchase.
And if you're an independent
contractor, we've introduced a new option just for you: claim a 50% discount when you link to us from your site or blog!

This version is fully backwards compatible with CSV Manager 1.1 so you won't need to change your existing code.

Existing Ricebridge customers are invited to download the free upgrade from their user accounts.

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